Travel Photography for Kids

Photography is a great way to involve kids in a family vacation. It helps them to see things in a new way and allows them to document their own experiences. To help your child enjoy photography on your next vacation, keep these ideas in mind.

Get your child a cheap camera. They will not have to worry about breaking it and you won’t have to hover over them all the time. Disposable cameras are especially kid-friendly. Look for waterproof ones to endure spilled juice and drops in puddles. 

Let your child explore the world around him, and encourage him to take photos of what is interesting to him. It may not be what you expect, but sometimes these pictures can capture the spirit of the trip in a new way. After your trip, go over your child’s photos and point out what makes them good and what could be improved upon. With practice, your child will soon be taking pictures that are sure to become family treasures.

To help your child take great photos, share these tips with him or her:
Keep fingers away from the lens and hold the camera as steady as possible.
Shoot tight to the subject and be aware of backgrounds and how they will affect the photo. 
Try not to cut off people’s heads.

If there is strong light, keep your back to the light source to allow your subject to be well illuminated.
Consider snapping a few good pictures yourself of your child. This is guarantee that at least some pictures will come out and your child will have some photos of himself to enjoy.

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